Electronic Design

Medical Graphic Tablet Empowers Consumers

In yet another healthcare initiative, the company’s Moby MED promises to give consumers more control over their healthcare and proactive wellness information. The Moby MED, essentially a graphics tablet/terminal, is an always-on, multimedia reference design featuring live, real-time content with 1080p full-HD, 3D capabilities and Flash Internet. The unit allows physicians to consult with patients remotely in real-time, allowing them to manage their health histories in a secure, encrypted environment. Uses can send and read high-resolution diagnostic imagery while providing access to online medical information. Other features include a built-in camera and multiple simultaneous LCDs or electronic paper displays. Optional platform features include the storage and wireless devices such as embedded MMC, which is a handheld unit employing optimized SSD-type technology, and Marvell Mobile Hotspot, which allows Wi-Fi access that supports up to eight concurrent users connected to the Internet via a cellular broadband connection. For more information, visit



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