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MEMS-Based Millimeter Filters Advance Integration At Transceiver Level

New MEMS-based filters are said to offer an unprecedented level of integration at the transceiver level while maintaining system performance requirements. The filters also cut the cost of LMDS systems by using silicon substrates and suspended coplanar-to-microstrip structures, eliminating large waveguides and additional labor. The MEMSCAP planar filter designs can cover a wide range of applications such as LMDS, automotive radar and space-born applications, all of which fall within the 18 to 90 GHz range. The LMDS filters are capacitively end-coupled resonators on a suspended dielectric membrane. Final pricing for these MEMs-based filters is based on customer-specific requirements and quantity commitments. Technology licensing is also available to parties interested in designing and manufacturing MEMS-based filters. For specific application requirements, contact Bruce Carpenter at MEMSCAP, Oakland, CA. (510) 444-5269.


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