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Micro Displays Anticipate Next Gen Consumer Markets

The LightView VGA, WVGA, and SVGA (LV-VGA, LV-WVGA, plus LV-SVGA) micro displays target emerging consumer electronics products including micro-projectors, head-mounted displays, and mobile communication devices. The components exploit the company’s FLCOS technology, which combines patented ferroelectric materials with a proprietary VLSI semiconductor. They integrate the display panel and control circuitry into a single, compact package and support industry-standard digital interfaces. The LV-VGA offers 640 x 480 full color pixels with a 9.2-mm active diagonal area while the LV-WVGA offers an 852 x 480 resolution with an 11.25 mm active area diagonal. The LV-SVGA delivers an 800 x 600 resolution with an 11.5-mm active area diagonal. All three displays support consumer product temperature ranges with integrated temperature compensation, typically consume 100 mW with a 60-Hz frame rate, provide adjustable brightness and gamma settings, and feature programmable color matrix processors and adjustable color-field durations. DISPLAYTECH INC., Longmont, CO. (800) 397-8124.


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