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Microdisplay Taps OLED-On-Silicon Technology

Organized as a 1280 x 1024 array built on a CMOS silicon substrate with a 0.774" diagonal display measurement, the OL12C10M is said to be the world's first commercial OLED-on-silicon microdisplay. With a green (535 nm) emissive color, the microdisplay is targeted for use in consumer, industrial and military applications where low power and high resolution in a compact form factor are needed.
The green monochrome microdisplay uses light emissive organic LED (OLED) thin-film materials for image generation. Their light-emitting properties replace the external light source normally required for LCDs, resulting in space and power savings. And each OLED light element offers lambertian emission that results in a 160° viewing angle in all axes. Each pixel in the OL12C10M microdisplay is also individually addressable for video and computer display applications through the device's 8-bit-per-pixel digital interface.


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