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Microwave-Based Sensor Controls Solid or Powdered Material Flow

Containing both the microwave transmitter and receiver, the MF Series Microwave Flow Controls feature fast response time, easy adjustment by virtue of an LED bargraph display, and easy installation (the sensor straps to the outside of any non-metal pipe or chute). The microwave signal is transmitted by the converter and reflected by a solid particle. If the reflector (particle or object) is moving, the Doppler-Effect causes a change in the frequency of the return signal. This change is converted into a relay output by amplifying and processing through the offset and gain adjustment on the converter. The controls are designed for flow or plugged detection of solids and powders in a nonmetallic pipe, tube or chute. Typical applications include pneumatic or gravity conveyance of food products, pharmaceuticals, building materials, and sawdust. SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES INC., Logan, UT. (888) 349-7098.


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