Electronic Design

Mid-Range Vector Network Analyzer Offers Up To 50 GHz

With the N523xA models, Agilent Technologies has upgraded their PNA-L vector network analyzers to offer design and manufacturing engineers up to 50 GHz in a mid-range VNA. Made up of five frequency models, three start at 300 kHz, with two or four ports available for the 13.5- and 20-GHz models, and two ports available for the 8.5-GHz product. The other two frequency models, with two ports, start at 10 GHz and include the 43.5- and 50-GHz products. The models feature 5 dBm more output power and 20 dB more dynamic range and speed than the previous models, and offer a 24% bigger display. Being 100% compatible with the previous N5230C PNA-L, no changes to the user’s current test setup are required. The PNA-L models are suited for a range of applications, including S-parameters of passive components and simple active device measurements of amplifier and frequency converters. The N523XA PNA-L vector network analyzers are available now, starting at $48,000.

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