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Mini EL Lamp Systems Backlight Wireless Handheld Displays

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Two new miniature systems combining an electroluminescent (EL) lamp and matched inverter have been developed for backlighting display-containing portable products while also reducing battery power consumption. HS1 units are designed to provide long, continuous backlighting of portables such as communication handsets, while DM3 models deliver bright, intermittent backlighting for portables such as pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs).HS1 lamps are available with three different phosphors offering green and blue-green colors and a range of ambient life characteristics. They also are said to be easily integrated into LCDs or keyswitch assemblies. DB3 lamps, by comparison, are said to employ an economical construction that also provides efficient brightness and minimizes battery power consumption. The inverters used in the mini backlight systems are based on a new circuit technology that reportedly significantly lowers noise in handsets.

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