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Mobile App Defines Power Terminology

Mobile App Defines Power Terminology

Hobbyists, students, and professionals alike can take advantage of TDK-Lambda’s Power Supply Glossary of Terms. Featuring a retro look and feel, the app is now available for iPhone and Android mobile phone users(Fig. 1). Power-supply terminology is organized in alphabetical order and displayed similar to pages in classic, old-style phone directories that would pop open on one’s desktop.

1. Sporting somewhat of a retro look, TDK-Lambda’s Power Supply Glossary of Terms is available for iPhones and Android mobile phones.

Users can easily and quickly find power supply terms from the common to the esoteric along with their definition. The app provides a wealth of information applicable to power supply technologies. Users definitely will appreciate it when a term is on the tip of their tongue, but they can’t quite remember it.

The Power Supply Glossary of Terms is TDK-Lambda’s second venture into the domain of mobile apps. The company’s first mobile application is an easy-to-use power supply selector tool, which is similar in layout to the power supply terms glossary (Fig. 2). Both apps compliment each other and together cover a lot of useful power supply design info.

2. TDK-Lambda’s first mobile-phone app is an easy-to-use power-supply selector tool.

The Power Supply Glossary of Terms is available at Or, search for “TDK-Lambda Glossary” on iTunes. The Android App is available for download at The power supply selection mobile app is available at or at

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