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Module Cuts Debug Time Of Code For DSP56xxx ICs

Designed for use with Embedded Power’s RTX kernel, the RTOS-Aware Debugging Module (RADM) is said to significantly cut the debugging time of RTXC-based code for Motorola’s DSP56xxx series digital-signal processors (DSPs). The module enables developers to examine how tasks behave and interact, not only at the usual source and assembly levels, but also at the task-based and RTXC-resource levels. User-friendly features and multiple viewing windows display the type and level of information users need to zero in on problems in the code. To ease the debugging process, the module is integrated with CrossView Pro, a debugger that comes packaged with the module, to provide a single-user interface that requires no strings or command lines. Clickable features let users refresh data after a halt in execution, display or shut off of toolbars, with the module exposing detailed information about display tasks, semaphores and other components. Other features include customizable text, font and colors. The module is priced at $2,750.


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