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Moisture Analyzer Sets Speed/Accuracy Records

For measuring substances with high moisture content, the LMA200PM moisture analyzer claims to set new standards in speed and accuracy. Employing a loss-on-drying technique that heats the sample with microwave radiation, the instrument delivers results in 40 to 120 seconds. It also integrates an analytical weighing system with a resolution of 0.1 mg. To deliver fast measurement times, the analyzer bombards the sample with microwave radiation from two fields on the floor of the cylindrical sample chamber, directly below the sample. Radiation, in the 2.45-GHz range, focuses directly on the sample to ensure homogenous distribution, eliminating the hot and cold spots that can occur with conventional microwave heating units. To prevent contamination, the water vapor emissions during drying evacuates from the sample by applying the sample material to a glass fiber pad, which allows water vapor to escape from both the top and the bottom. An exhaust system draws the water vapor out of the sample chamber to prevent condensation. Other features include a color touch screen, one-button operation, and all other steps are automatic and plain-language guidance texts support the operator. The measurement results lock into the display until the user presses a key to start the next analysis. SARTORIUS MECHATRONICS CORP., Tempe, AZ. (800) 835-321.


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