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Motion Control Unit Uses High-Speed Ethernet

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An alternative for motion control users, called MotionPanel, is designed to work with the Parker Compumotor 6K family of motion controllers. A PC-based graphical interface, MotionPanel uses high-speed Ethernet communications, has upload and download capabilities, and built-in intelligence right out of the box. This interface is said to bring a multitude of HMI features to motion control applications that traditionally use two- and four-line displays communicating over a serial cable. Unlike simple alphanumeric diagnostic displays, MotionPanel is said to bring monitoring and control capabilities to the next level. For example, its touch-screen lets users of the 6K family easily set distances or velocities with "one button" operation. It comes with more than 70 pre-configured motion control panels that automatically boot up when you plug in the system. MotionPanel's intelligence is claimed to automatically know if the 6K is set up as a 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-axis system and load the appropriate panels. The product costs under $1,000 and includes a PC-based workstation loaded with the company's Panel ToolKit run-time software and the Compumotor driver.

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