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Motor-Control System Eyes Robotics

The versatile Motor Mind C dc motor-control system can control one or two brushed dc motors. In serial mode, users have direct control of the motor speed and direction. When configured for two motors, the motor speed and direction for each motor is controlled independently. Users can modify the pulse-width modulation (PWM) step limit in the range of 1 to 255. The PWM dead-band and the brake mode (dynamic or free spinning) are also user-controlled. A variety of other registers can be read and displayed, including the approximate operating current of both H-bridges on the Motor Mind C. The system is also equipped to operate in analog or R/C pulse input modes. It's ideal for use in small robotics projects for controlling two-wheel axles. The motor connections can also be tied in parallel to control a single larger motor. The system comes in a 40-pin dual-inline package with motor connections, mode settings, and control inputs. It has a 2.5-A current rating without cooling and a 4.0-A current rating with cooling. It accommodates motor voltages from 10 to 24 V. In single-unit quantities, the Motor Mind C costs $59. Quantity pricing discounts are available.

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