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Multi-Stream A/D Video Chipset Integrates MPEG Encoder

Integrating MPEG encoder technology, the XCode II video processor chipset is described as the first such devices capable of processing content ranging from analog to high-definition digital video. The set is also capable of transferring multiple streams to any display and to store video on any type of storage media. As the chipset processes video in any standard format from MPEG 1 to MPEG 4, content can come from any source. The encoding technology is also said to process video frame information with better quality and at a lower bit rate than comparable processors, thereby reducing the amount of memory needed for storing video. Other features include transcoding speeds in realm of 8x to 24x in real-time and the ability to adjust the bit rate to account for variations in the processing and storage capacities of different devices. VIXS SYSTEMS, Austin, TX. (512) 732-2740.


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