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Nanotechnology Gains A Boost In Support

Research and development into nanotechnology is concerned with materials and devices that contain structures. These structures exhibit novel and significantly improved physical, electrical, chemical, and biological properties due to their nanoscale size. Generally, dimensions of less than 100 nm are considered to be within the nanoscale domain. Because this area of development is still emerging, engineers and scientists are often left on their own. But thanks to Keithley, literature and technical-application tutorials are now available that support individuals developing nanoscale devices and technology.

This literature is intended to help researchers select the appropriate Keithley measuring instruments based on the type of technology or device being characterized. In addition, these application notes, brochures, and white papers describe techniques for accurate measurements of the low-level electrical signals associated with nanoscale devices and materials. Among the specific applications addressed are measurements on carbon nanotubes, nanotube-based field-emitter displays, nanowires, and nanofibers.

Here is a list of the available literature:

  • #2241 Making Ultra-Low Current Measurements with the Low-Noise Model 4200-SCS
  • #314 Volume and Surface Resistivity Measurements of Insulating Materials Using the Model 6517A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter
  • #100 Low Current Measurements
  • #312 High Resistance Measurements
  • Device Characterization Techniques Using Keithley SourceMeter In-
    struments with LabTracer Software
  • Solutions for Nanotech Research and Development
  • High Accuracy Electrometers for Low Current/High Resistance Applications
  • Low Current, High Resistance Measurement Solutions
  • Improving Low Current Measurements on Nanoelectronic and Molecular Electronic Devices
  • Making Better Fuel Cells: Through-Plane Resistivity Measurement of Graphic-Filled Bipolar Plates
  • New Materials—New Reliability Issues
  • Improving the Repeatability of Ultra-High Resistance and Resistivity Measurements
  • Obtaining More Accurate Resistance Measurements Using the 6-Wire Ohms Measurement Technique
  • Techniques for Reducing Resistance Measurement Uncertainty: DC Cur-rent Reversals vs. Classic Offset Compensation

In addition to this wide breadth of literature, Keithley supplies a range of measurement solutions that are ideal for applications involving nanoelectronics, nano-optoelectronics, nanomaterials, and even nanobiology. Each solution satisfies nanotechnology's critical performance requirements, including high resolution/sensitivity, low noise/low drift, simplicity/ease of use, and robustness/reliability.

For more information on this subject matter, see the company's publication, "Solutions for Nanotech Research and Development." To request a free Nanotechnology Test Solutions Kit, visit www.keithley.com/nrus0001.

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