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New IR Avalanche Photodiodes Boast High Responsivity

Fabricated using new clean processing techniques, the Series-9 near infrared (NIR) enhanced silicon avalanche photodiodes (APDs) register a responsivity of almost 60 A/W at the popular 905-nm wavelength. With their high responsivity, as well as low dark noise and fast response, the new avalanche photodiodes are said to be ideally suited for use in most LiDAR applications. The new fabrication techniques reportedly yield APDs that can be used in products operating in the NIR region all the way up to one micron. The Series-9 NIR enhanced APDs are available in sizes ranging from 230 µm up to 5 mm in diameter. The price of the P/N AD230-9 APD in a TO-52 package is under $55 each/100. Arrays, hybrids and specially selected low-noise or low-voltage devices are also available on a custom basis. For more information, contact Yuval Tamari at PACIFIC SILICON SENSOR INC., Westlake Village, CA. (818) 706-3400.


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