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New TCXO Joins Ranks Of Devices For Wireless Mart

The latest addition to the 801BE Series of low-profile temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) features a new standard frequency of 20.000 MHz. Th e TCXOs occupy the small footprint (i.e., 9.6 x 11.4 mm) favored by the frequency control industry. Their profile of only 2.0 mm high makes them ideal where headroom is a critical consideration. The oscillators use the industry's standard pinout configuration, with the series displaying inclusive frequency stability of (2.5 ppm over a frequency range of 10.000 to 22.000 MHz. Operating temperature range is -30(C to 75(C, with a choice of 3.0V or 5V operation. An optional trimmer allows frequency adjustments of (3.0 ppm, and an optional voltage control creates a VCTCXO with a range of either (5.0 or (8.0 ppm. Ideal for prototyping, the series features both trimmer and voltage control and is available in the following frequencies: 10.0, 12.8, 14.4, 16.0, 19.2 MHz and the new 20 MHz. Pricing for the new 801A TCXO is under $5 each/1,000. FOX ELECTRONICS, Fort Myers, FL. (888) 438-2369.


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