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NexTechFAS Technology Helps Create Flexible Displays

Plastic Logic Limited has chosen NexTechFAS to supply technology for Plastic Logic’s new flexible displays, which will go into production this year. Using NexTechFAS’s substrate coating and inspection products during manufacture, the thin plastic displays will target commercial portable electronic reader devices. The light and durable devices can have flexible screens the size of a piece of paper, similar to a magazine, or they can have up to three times the area of the 6-inch electronic devices on the market already, all while remaining virtually weightless.

Plastic Logic ordered NexTechFAS’s extrusion spinless coating and automated optical inspection (AOI) products, both enabling technologies in the manufacturing process of flexible displays. The company first purchased the Advantage IV Extrusion Coater Line, a fully automated and integrated coating line that coats so precisely that almost no material is wasted, a problem common with most other systems.

Nick Cousins, the director of technology transfer for Plastic Logic commented, “NexTechFAS is the ideal partner for Plastic Logic; they are a company with a range of technologies ideally suited to our developing process and are of a size to respond quickly to our demanding requirements.”

Plastic Logic Limited

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