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No-Power Display Does Dynamic Updates

Designed for general-purpose character and graphic display applications, the new 128 x 32 cholesteric LCD modules can wipe, scroll, rotate, open and close, or flash full or partial screen images. The modules feature a 128-column x 32-row pixel display format, 54 dpi pixel pitch, and power saving cholesteric technology, which allows graphics and text to remain displayed indefinitely without consuming power once they're generated. The display is also said to render high contrast images, even in direct sunlight, and to offer a wide viewing angle.
The display's controller includes six fonts and enables up to 48 dynamic update messages to be displayed. Other features include: a unique address capability; a RS-232, RS-485 or TTL-level interface; battery power capability; automatic wake/idle and sleep control; and local diagnostics and control capabilities. The display and controller typically require a 3 Vdc supply to display images and zero power to retain them between updates.

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