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Noise-Figure Analyzers Up To 3X Faster

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Compared to the industry-standard HP 8970B meter, two new noise-figure analyzers (NFAs) are up to twice as accurate and three times as fast. The new architecture of the NFA series also has a more flexible and intuitive user interface that is claimed to simplify noise-figure measurements.
The NFA series consists of two models, the 1.5-GHz entry-level N8972A and the higher performing 3-GHz N8973A. Both provide a real-time display of noise figure or gain versus frequency, built-in data storage, and printer connectivity.
In addition, the 3-GHz model has two measurement modes: point or sweep averaging for real-time tuning, and sweep list for point-by-point measurements at specified frequencies. The N8973A also has increased accuracy. Its two-fold improvement in measurement accuracy increases its sensitivity to low-level signals and provides highly repeatable and accurate characterization of individual system components. The 3X faster N8973A provides real-time tuning for increased throughput of devices such as low-noise blocks (LNBs) used in home satellite receivers.
The NFA N8972A 1.5-GHz model is priced at $16,750 and the N8973A 3-GHz model is $22,750.

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