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OLED Display Offers Video In Situ Or, With Optics, In Space

Following several years of R&D effort in probing and honing their operational and cost-performance potential, a new family of full-color, active-matrix organic light emitting diode (OLED) microdisplays is poised to enter the commercial marketplace. Targeted at applications extending from consumer products to commercial and industrial equipment to military systems, the OLED-on-silicon SVGA+ microdisplays contain more than 1.5 million individually addressable picture elements (600 x 3 x 852 pixels) and can exhibit up to 16 million colors.The low-power (100 cd/m2, VESA-compatible analog R/G/B inputs, and SMPTE170M monochrome video input. And based on testing conducted to date, MTBF is pegged at 2-3 years, while half-life is said to exceed 10,000 hrs. Properly interfaced, the microdisplay will support PC or consumer video applications. And by coupling optics to the display, high-speed, flicker-free video having a large field of view can be created. Production of the device is expected to begin in Q4. A development kit is already available. EMAGIN CORP., Hopewell Junction, NY. (845) 892-1900.


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