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OLED Displays Surpass Million-Hour Lifetime

A solution-based third generation (Gen 3) organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology from DuPont Displays has yielded substantial performance gains for printable OLED materials. Gen 3 green OLED material achieved a record lifetime of over one million hours, while two Gen 3 blue materials set new standards for longevity and color. The Gen 3 OLED materials can meet or exceed the performance of today’s vapor deposited materials, and could pave the way for lower-cost solution process OLED displays.

The new Gen 3 green material’s one-million-hour lifetime equates to over 100 years of constant usage. This green material demonstrates a current efficiency of 25 cd/A and excellent color coordinates (0.26, 0.65). The longer lifetime can lead to an increase in total display lifetime.

Gen 3 solution blue materials are demonstrating outstanding performance. One of the Gen 3 blue materials has color coordinates of (0.14, 0.12), a current efficiency of 6.0 cd/A, and a lifetime of 38,000 hours from 1000 cd/m2—one of the longest blue OLED material lifetimes publicly reported. A second material has been developed with exceptionally deep blue color coordinates of (0.14, 0.08), a current efficiency of 3.9 cd/A, and a lifetime of nearly 7,000 hours. Due to its deep blue color, the lifetime of this material at the luminance required for a 200 cd/m2 display is calculated to be approximately 41,000 hours.

In addition, a high-performing red solution OLED material developed by DuPont has a lifetime of 62,000 hours, current efficiency of 13 cd/A, and color coordinates (0.68, 0.32).

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