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Operator Interface Terminal Shines In Bright Light Installations

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Designed to meet growing OEM needs for more affordable display panels in outdoor and bright light installations, the PanelView 550 operator interface terminal now uses LED backlight technology, creating a blue mode display that is easier to read and has a longer life. It now can be used in places such as lumberyards, tank farms and shipyards—the previous PanelView 550 with its amber-colored halogen backlight was considered too dim to be read safely or accurately. The PanelView 550’s blue-mode display is rated at 50,000 hr. (half-life), triple the life of the halogen backlight. In addition, these terminals have a minimum installed depth of 3.4'', so users can incorporate them into applications where space is limited. The PanelView 550 includes such features as screen security, analog gauges, ATA PC memory card, and universal language support. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, Milwaukee, WI. (800) 223-5354 ext 1545.

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