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Optical Data Receiver Has 2.3-GHz Amp

Designed for near IR wavelengths, the PSS-AV-2.3G-TO5 is an ultrasensitive optical data receiver with a bandwidth of 2.3 GHz that utilizes a 500 µm diameter avalanche silicon photodiode. The spectral response of the receiver is in the 350 nm to 1050 nm range with a peak response at 750 nm.
At a bias of 155V, the gain of the avalanche silicon diode is 200. The diode is coupled with a transimpedance amplifier that operates on 3.5V to 5V. Both the APD and the amp are contained in a hermetically sealed TO5 housing. The combination provides an output of 50 mVp-p for a radiant 880-nm input of 1 µW.


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