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Optical Sensor Provides High-Accuracy Sensing In Compact End Products
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
(610) 644-1300; fax (610) 296-0657; www.vishay.com

The TCST5250 transmissive optical sensor features a unique horizontal slot construction. With a 0.5-mm aperture, this device is optimized for the high-accuracy sensing of horizontally moving objects in shaft encoders, VCRs, data-storage equipment, code wheels in dc motors, and other space-limited products.

This device comes in a plastic polycarbonate package with a height of only 9 mm. This configuration provides a 2.7-mm gap and a lead pitch of 2.54 mm. The sensor features an operating wavelength of 950 nm, with a 0.4-mm resolution. It's typical current transfer ratio of 7.5%. The device is designed with a positioning pin that ensures high-accuracy assembly. Available now, the TCST5250 transmissive optical sensor starts at $41 in 100-unit quantities.

High-Speed Receivers Handle 0.65/0.8 µm Optical Communications
Hamamatsu Corp.
(800) 524-0504; http://usa.hamamatsu.com

The S8334 and S8335 Si/GaAs PIN photodiodes assure high-quality data transmission over the 0.65/0.8 µm band. Designed for use in Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet optical networks, these photodiodes feature a wide dynamic range, high speed, and excellent reliability.

Both devices have a dynamic range of −25 to 3 dBm. Their data transmission rate is 500 Mbits/s. Both receivers have a 1000-ps rise time and 3-V/mW photo sensitivity. With an operating temperature range of −20°C to 70°C, the devices maintain high performance even in extreme weather. The S8334 comes in a TO-18 package with an integrated transimpedance amplifier. Available in five different packages, the S8335 incorporates a transimpedance amplifier and a receptacle module.

The S8334 is priced at $40 in OEM quantities, and the S8335 costs $100 in similar quantities.

LED Panel Meters Feature Reliable Solid-State Construction
Datel Inc.
(508) 339-3000; fax (508) 339-6356; www.datel.com

The DMS-30PC-VFS series digital panel meters combine blue-green LEDs with a unique optical filter. According to the company, this configuration creates an affordable readout that is visually indistinguishable from costly vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs).

The digital panel meters operate from a single 5-V supply. They also consume less than 750 mW. The meters employ an analog-to-digital converter, two tight-tolerance bandgap voltage references, and multiple metal-film resistors to achieve accuracy and long-term stability. An auto-zeroing circuit ensures a zero display reading with a 0-V input. Four high-impedance differential input voltage ranges include ±200 mV, ±2 V, ±20 V, and ±200 V. Its rugged, epoxy-encapsulated package includes a built-in color filter and bezel. The package measures 2.17 by 0.92 by 0.56 in. The DMS-30PC-VFS meters are priced at $65 each for single quantities and $39 each for 500-unit quantities.

SFF Dual Transmitters And Receivers Suit Optical Communications
Stratos Lightwave LLC
(709) 867-9600; fax (708) 867-0996; www.stratoslightwave.com

Members of a line of small-form-factor (SFF) dual transmitters and dual receivers work well in high-performance optical communications applications. These unidirectional devices meet the growing need for high-density, multi-channel optical links in complex routers, switches, and telecom applications.

The devices are housed in an industry-standard SFF transceiver package with two LC fiber-optic interfaces. Each unit contains either two transmitters or two re-ceivers. They are available in 850-nm and 1310-nm versions with any data rate up to 2.7 Gbits/s. A single SFF package can be ordered with two transmitters or two receivers having the same or different data rates and operating at the same or different wavelengths.

Pricing for the SFF dual transmitters and dual receivers depends on the specific model, options specified, and quantity ordered.

Fiber-Optic Panels Provide Heat-Free Illumination
Lumitex Inc.
(800) 969-5483; fax (404) 243-8402; www.lumitex.com

Members of a line of fiber-optic panels provide high-brightness illumination for the front- and back-lighting of imaging systems used in machine-vision applications such as sorting, counting, measurement, and inspection. The company's patented technology enables these woven fiber-optic panels to efficiently and economically emit uniform, diffuse, and shadow-free light over large surface areas. The panels can be driven by LEDs or by more powerful (up to 150 W) halogen sources for maximum brightness.

While custom sizes can be ordered, off-the-shelf panels are available with lit areas of 2 by 2 in., 3 by 3 in., 4 by 4 in., 4 by 6 in., and 7 by 8 in. The fiber optics of the larger versions are illuminated by the company's 150-W MV-150 quartz halogen light source. Pricing for the standard off-the-shelf fiber-optic panels ranges from $9 for the 2- by 2-in. model (LED driven) in 1000-unit quantities to $235 for the 4- by 6-in. model (driven by the 150-W halogen source) in quantities of five or more.

AlGaInP LEDs Are 10 To 15 Times Brighter
Than Conventional Through-Hole Units

Stanley Electric Sales of America
(800) LED-LCD1; www.stanley-electric.com

Members of the through-hole AlGaInP LED Series deliver lighting that is 10 to 15 times brighter than levels achieved with conventional through-hole LEDs. Members of this series reduce component count and the total cost of lighting.

Devices in the high-visibility through-hole AlGaInP LED Series feature a typical luminous intensity of up to 5000 mcd, depending on color. They are suited for both indoor and outdoor applications with an operating-temperature range of −40°C to 85°C. The series includes three colors with a 10° viewing angle. The EFR5366X red-orange LED (635 nm) operates up to 3600 mcd. The EFA5366X orange-red (609 nm) operates up to 5000 mcd. The EFY5366X amber (592 nm) operates up to 4000 mcd. All through-hole AlGaInP Series LEDs come packaged in 200 pieces/bag. Various package designs include a compact 3-mm size. Pricing begins at $0.24 each for quantities of up to 1000.

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