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Parabolic Mirrors Provide Off-Axis Focus

The company’s glass-substrate parabolic mirrors provide off-axis focus for UV and visible-spectra applications. Dissimilar to conventional parabolic mirrors, the mirrors direct and focus collimated incident light at a fixed angle, providing full access to the focal point without blocking any of the incident beam. This reportedly simplifies optical design and improves light-gathering in designs such as Czerny-Turner and Littrow spectrometer configurations as well as general collimator and beam expander setups. The mirrors are fabricated from a soda-lime glass substrate and have their aspheric optical profile holographically recorded on the substrate. They are available with parent focal lengths of 125 mm, 200 mm, or 275 mm with y-offsets ranging from 53 mm to 85 mm. Available in sizes ranging from 40-mm square to 65-mm square, prices start at $895 each. EDMUND OPTICS INC., Barrington, NJ. (800) 363-1992.


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