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Parallel-Optics Line Gets A Boost

The XTM series of parallel-optics modules has been re-energized, thanks to the addition of an electrical pre-emphasis capability. This capability is crucial for high-speed interconnect products. In such applications, pre-emphasis mitigates the effect of deterministic jitter by adding additional high-frequency components to the transmitted signal. As a result, link budgets are considerably increased. Because it integrates this functionality directly into its products, the XTM series enables customers to design links without needing additional electrical components to ensure signal integrity. It also reduces the part count for customers, while boosting performance and reducing power consumption.

The XTM series is scalable. It comprises a number of full-duplex parallel-optics modules. The XTM-12, XTM-16, XTM-24, XTM-32, XTM-48, and XTM-72 terminate fiber counts ranging from 12 to 72. Each product offers a line rate of up to 3.4 Gbps per fiber. Aggregate bandwidths start at just a few Gbps. They move up to 245 Gbps. Each module uses only one single MT-style optical connector and an industry-standard electrical connector.

The XTM series with built-in pre-emphasis capability is available. Contact the company for pricing information.

10 Al Paul Ln., Merrimack, NH 03054; (603) 546-0600, FAX: (603) 546-0010, www.xanoptix.com.

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