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Photodiode Packs Wide Bandwidth Preamp

By incorporating a preamplifier compatible with wide bandwidths of up to fc = 170 MHz and by having a large, 3-mm diameter active area, the S7516 Si PIN photodiode is well qualified for use in spatial light transmission applications. Further, the device's TO-5, 5-pin package encapsulates not only the photodiode but also an op amp, significantly simplifying circuit design.
The S7516 Si PIN photodiode features a spectral response range of 320 to 1060 nm and a peak sensitivity at 840 nm. Photosensitivity is 85 V/W (typ.). The device also boasts of a typical output noise of 9 nVrms/Hz1/2 under a dark state where f = 170 MHz. In a dark state where f = 100 kHz~170 MHz, the typical output noise voltage is 130 ┬ÁVrms. The photodiode's noise equivalent power is 0.14 nW/Hz1/2 and the supply current is 5 mA. The photodiode costs $400.


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