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Photoelectric Sensing Has DIN-Rail Amplifier

Consisting of a modulated amplifier that clips to a 35-mm DIN rail and ultra-small diffuse (proximity) or opposed-mode, remote sensors that fit and function in very tight locations, the PICO-AMP system is well-suited for applications such as wafer handling, small parts sensing, pharmaceuticals and others. The amplifier includes a four-position switch to select variable modulation frequencies (three fixed and auto-frequency mode) to let multiple sensors to be placed in close proximity by filtering out the effects of optical crosstalk through electronic circuits. Other amplifier features include light or dark operation selection, sensitivity adjustment, and output OFF-delay to let users select no delay or a 50-ms pulse stretcher. The latter is useful where brief sensing events might be missed due to slow response of load or input. System operates from 10 to 30 vdc and output is bipolar PNP sourcing or NPN sinking with 100 mA maximum each output.


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