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PIN Diode Switches Operate From 1 To 18 GHz

The Series F9180 broadband eight-throw PIN diode switches operate over a frequency range of 1 to 18 GHz. For the reflective design, insertion loss varies from 1.5 dB at 1 GHz to 3.8 dB at 18 GHz. For the non-reflective design, the corresponding values are 2.0 and 4.2 dB, respectively. The VSWR limit for both designs ranges from 1.7 to 2.0 depending on frequency. Isolation varies from 60 dB at 1 GHz to 50 dB at 18 Ghz. Switching time is under 200 ns. The units will operate at temperatures ranging from -55°C to +110°C and can withstand RF power levels up to 75 W, 1 W average.


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