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Polymer Lenses Replace Multiple Optical Elements

Polymer Lenses Replace Multiple Optical Elements

Edmund Optics unveils two liquid-filled lenses from Optotune of Switzerland: the Electrically Focus-Tunable Lens and the Manually Focus-Tunable Lens. Both can replace a complete lens kit. According to the company, they provide the on-demand adaptability necessary to avoid alignment and opto-mechanical issues. Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses provide a single-lens solution for focus and zoom objectives. Applying a voltage to the lens changes its effective focal length. Each lens contains a proprietary optical liquid and the change in voltage alters the liquid’s pressure profile, resulting in a change in radius of curvature. This allows for a focal range of +15 mm to +100 mm along with an aperture of 10 mm. Cover glasses are available with either a VIS or NIR coating. The Manually Focus-Tunable Lenses use a rotating outer ring to manipulate focus length and change lens shape from convex to concave. Using liquid-filled lens technology, they offer a focal tuning range of -40 mm to infinity to +40 mm.  With an aperture diameter of 20 mm, manually focus-tunable lenses are suitable for education and research apps as well as lighting systems. They are available in high refractive or low dispersion options and cover glasses are available with a VIS coating. EDMUND OPTICS INC., Barrington, NJ. (800) 363-1992.

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