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Portable DAQ Tool Handles Many Chores

Suitable for use across a range of manufacturing, laboratory, plant operation, and quality-control applications, the 16-channel MeasuringPAD portable data-acquisition instrument features a color touch screen and automated setups. The handheld unit is configurable with and operates through what is described as an easy-to-use graphical interface that delivers live readouts of up to 16 individual analog inputs and up to eight logic-level digital inputs. The color-coded display allows users to resize tests or processes at a glance. Input pods allow for quick hookup of machine- or process-dedicated sensors. Up to eight internal cross-channel math calculations can also be set up to display and monitor additional variables such as horsepower, efficiency, and corrected flow. Multi-channel display options include bargraph, trending up to four time-plotting parameters, and an oscilloscope view. DAYTRONIC CORP., Edison, NJ. (800) 668-4745


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