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Portable DAQ/Data Recorder Had High Performance

Combining the features of a data recorder with the benefits of a data-acquisition system, the GX-1 is a new device introduced by TEAC America. This recent development achieves the wide frequency response of a data recorder. In addition, it offers the programmable sampling rates and integrated signal-conditioning amplifiers of a data-acquisition system. The instrument measures less than 12 by 8 by 3.5 in. and weighs only 11 lbs. Not only is it half the size of existing recorders, but it's lower in cost as well. Such factors make this product ideal for vehicle and other data-acquisition and recording applications that demand data integrity.

Maintaining 16 channels, this apparatus features a 200-kHz sampling rate per channel, 256 Mbytes of DRAM, 25 Gbytes of AIT tape or magneto-optical storage, and a Fast SCSI connection. It can be battery operated or run by the ac power line.

This next-generation instrument has a wide dynamic range of over 80 dB and a total sampling depth of three Msamples. With the 256-Mbyte DRAM as a buffer, it can be used as a PC front end, downloading via a Fast SCSI-2 interface. As a standalone recorder, it provides flexible storage options of an internal AIT drive, a magneto-optical, or a PCMCIA memory card.

The GX-1 packs eight card slots. By means of an expansion chassis, the device's 16 channels can be increased to 64. Furthermore, the tool boasts dc/constant-current, microphone, charge, dynamic-strain, thermocouple, pulse-counter, frequency-to-voltage, and analog-output signal- conditioning amplifiers. Each channel features programmable input parameters and a user-selectable sampling rate in steps of ten, from 1 to 200 kHz. This makes test setup easy and convenient.

Fast and easy data capture is made possible by the system's sophisticated and simple-to-run software. Pre- and post-triggers and recording windows can be regulated to ensure that critical test data is never missed. Additional software features include preset-configuration save and recall, automated calibration limit settings, as well as barmeter and FFT data displays.

Prices for the GX-1, plus signal conditioning for direct recording to a PC, start at $10,200. Models offering signal conditioning with a 25-Gbyte tape drive are priced at $16,000 and above. A variety of input amplifiers and signal-conditioning cards are available for flexible configurations at approximately $500 per channel. Fully loaded 16-channel systems with tape storage cost around $24,000. Delivery is within four to six weeks.

TEAC America Inc., 13 Branch St., Methuen, MA 01844; (978) 468-4135; [email protected]; Internet: www.teac-recorders.com.

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