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Portable Oscilloscope Powered Via USB

The PicoScope 2105 is a portable single-channel handheld oscilloscope. It has a 100 MS/s real-time sampling rate, up to 2 GS/s repetitive signal sample rate, up to 25 MHz analog bandwidth, and up to 24,000 sample buffer memory.

The PicoScope 2105 is powered via a USB port, and comes with software that provides oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and meter functions.

Designed for single-handed operation, the oscilloscope can be controlled using a bottom on the top of the scope. An autosetup function automatically sets up the timebase and trigger configuration to display the signal that PicoScope finds on the scope’s input. Pico Technology also offers an entry-level scope, the 2104, for less demanding applications.

This product is now available for purchase.

The PicoScope 2105 (software included) is $346.72

Visit www.picotech.com

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