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Portable Ratchet-Action Meter Applies Pull-Type Force

The MPT-100 Crimp Pull Test Instrument is a portable tool for measuring ratchet-action destructive pull-type force on crimp-on coax connectors in terminated cable samples. Up to 200-lb force is provided. The unit's digital readout displays the exact tail force point in 0.5-in. high digits. The system consists of a lightweight digital meter, a ratchet-action tensile stress tester, and a power supply, all packaged in a rugged protective case. The NPT-100 confirms installed connector compliance to the TL9000 specification and industry pull-force standards. The ratchet-action handled stress unit accepts both telecom Type 734 and 735 coaxial cable. The capacity of the retention tester is 200 LBF via ratchet action. Accuracy is ±0.5% of reading plus least significant digit. Quality audit testing is supplied for both the connector and the center pin crimp. It can be used at the installation site, on the manufacturing floor, or in the test lab. The MPT-100 tester costs about $2250.

MidTel Technologies Inc.
www.midtelusa.com; (847) 818-9007

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