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Portable Remote Network Cable Tester Identifies Wiring Faults

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Lightweight and portable, the Model 235 Remote Network Cable Tester is a battery-powered unit that can test all of the wiring faults of 10Base-2, 10Base-TX, RJ45, EIA/TIA 356A and 568A, and Token Ring cables. The cable tester can be used to identify wiring faults such as open pairs, shorted pairs, reversed pairs, crossed pairs and split pairs. It can also test up to four different cables at one end by using the tester's remote identifiers. The unit can be used to test cables from 4' to 492' in length. A large flashing LED displays the fault code, and the four pair's individual LEDs identifies which pairs are tested. The remote identifiers are provided to make a remote test. The device will automatically run all tests within a few seconds and identify which faults are present, if any. Measuring only 2 3/8" x 1" x 4.25" high, the tester comes with a vinyl carrying case and four identifiers. Price: $225 each.

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