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Portable Spectroradiometer Yields CRI Characterization

Said to be compact and truly portable, the IL RPS-380 portable spectroradiometer can perform color repeatability and brightness sampling within a few seconds for measuring primary radiance and luminance. Powered by a USB cable connection to a laptop or PC, the IL RPS-380 is suitable for testing LED display panels, illumination modules, and large signage to make certain all color segments are equal. Designed for measurements in the 380 mm to 780 mm spectral range with 5 nm to 10 nm resolution, the IL RPS380 includes Windows compatible software with CIE chromaticity diagrams, dominant wavelength, and photopic weighting calculations. Primary applications for this instrument include color calibration, quality assurance, and lot-to-lot testing. Pricing is $7,495. INTERNATIONAL LIGHT INC., Newburyport, MA. (978) 465-5923.


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