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Pot Switch Offers Dual Control In Single Unit

Pot Switch Offers Dual Control In Single Unit

EMC-SW44832-057b-PR-ARotary and push-on functionality come in a compact, all-in-one potentiometer switch assembly developed by Electro-Mech.  As a result, the SW44832 is able to maximize operation control in applications with limited space considerations. With the SPST switch, users can specify a value so that at the push of a button, the circuit or channel automatically opens at the preset level. Features include an optional edgelit button, momentary snap-click pushbutton switch, and 10-kΩ resistance potentiometer module. Front-facing PC pins allow for easier interfacing with the PCB in the next higher assembly. The SW44832, rated at 0.10 A resistive at 30 V dc, weighs less than an ounce and measure less than 0.75 in. square. Applications include industrial/avionics displays and audio controls, instrument panel controls, and other high-density panels.


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