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Power Analyzers Focus On General Applications

Positioned for industrial and manufacturing markets, the Model 2551 single-phase and Model 2553 three-phase general-purpose power analyzers debut as low-cost instruments to perform power and amplitude measurements with a base accuracy of 0.1%. Each analyzer features a six-key front panel with four soft key menu buttons. Measurements are automatically synchronized to the fundamental frequency. Other shared features include: the ability to display numerical results, signal waveforms, bar charts, and history profile plots; waveforms are captured with 400-point precision; voltage measurements up to 1.5 kV peak; and current measurements up to 40A peak internally, or up to 10 kA with the use of external current transducers. The three-phase analyzer’s frequency range includes DC and 20 mHz to 80 kHz, while the single-phase model measures up to 100 kHz. Prices start at $2,095 and $3,995 each for the Model 2551 and Model 2553, respectively. XITRON TECHNOLOGIES, San Diego, CA. (858) 530-8099.


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