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Power Inverters Do Backlighting Chores

The Smart Force DC/AC inverters offer a wide range of solutions to electroluminescent (EL) backlit displays. Vacuum encapsulated, these inverters claim to actually prolong the useful life of EL lamps by automatically adjusting the operating voltage and frequency as the lamp ages and changes. The standard E600 series package measures 1.25" x 0.85" x 0.95" while the E300 series and the Mini-EL package drop to 0.97" x 0.68" x 0.69". For applications where height is limited, the LP series measures 1.19" x 0.82" x 0.34". The LPS Series is designed to power conventional foil EL lamps, and its power consumption is less than 400 mW per unit load. Pricing varies according to type and capability. The JLA and LPS Series inverters start at $4.64 each/1,000.

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