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Power Measurement Systems Employ Powerful Software

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In addition to using the company's Waverunner-2 digital-storage oscilloscopes (DSOs), the PS374 and PS264 power measurement systems rely on the PMA1 software package. This software is reported to reduce the complexity of setting up difficult power measurements such as safe operating area, line-power analysis, and control-loop time-domain response to a single pushbutton. Application-specific measurements can be placed into a personalized menu using a standard feature found in the DSOs.
The DSOs feature an 8.4" flat-panel display and a maximum sampling rate of 2 Gsamples/s on each channel in the PS374 or 1 Gsample/s in the PS264. Other features of both systems include zoom functions, instantaneous power measurements, saturation and dynamic turn-on resistance measurement, and modulation analysis of pulse-width modulated power supplies. In addition to the probes included with these systems, they also accept inputs from current probes or other devices from third-party vendors.

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