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Power Sensor Characterizes W-CDMA And HDTV

Designed for use with the company's ML2400A series power meters, the MA2481A power sensor operates from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, allowing for measurement of wide bandwidth signals such as W-CDMA, N-CDMA, EDGE, HDTV and multitone signals. By combining three separate diode detection elements into a single sensor, the device is said to improve dynamic range by 80% compared to conventional diode sensors.
Features include a linearity of 3% up to +20 dBm, an extended square law overlap, and a fast CW mode. In the fast CW mode, the fast response of a diode sensor is maintained across a full 80-dB dynamic range, enabling the sensor to capture and display pulsed TDMA signals. Pricing for the sensor is $1750 with a delivery time of two weeks.

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