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Powerful, Highly Accurate DMMs Have Logging Capability

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Designed to put more power of "the bench" in the palm of engineers and technicians having to test electronic components and products, the 87 and 89 Series IV digital multimeters boast of a 0.025% accuracy and over 50,000 counts of resolution on a multiple reading display that includes a secondary display and a real-time clock to time-stamp critical measurements. Other features helping to rev up the performance of these new DMMs are dBm, 100-kHz ac bandwidth, and true rms ac+dc voltage and current measuring capabilities.In addition to the ac capabilities, the 87 and 89 Series DMMs can measure dc volts and millivolts, resistance, current, capacitance, conductance, frequency, and temperature. The meters also provide troubleshooting aids, such as diode test and continuity and open circuit test features with audible tone as well as visual display. Furthermore, the display powers-up and settles on measurement readings instantly.Model 89 Series IV DMMs also can store up to 1000 measurements in standalone operation, allowing users to log data based on event or time, or manually- the measurements can be viewed later on the meter's display. They also combine internal reading memories and isolated infrared (IF) serial communications capabilities with the optional FlukeView Forms software to quickly document tests.

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