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Precise Photoelectric Sensor Uses Parallel Laser Beam

Unlike photoelectric sensors that use diffused light, the LX2-V laser thrubeam sensor uses a parallel laser beam to detect minute differences in target size with 5-µm resolution at distances up to 300 mm. The size of the target's shadow is the same size as the object itself, enabling accurate detection of minute differences in target size. The device is well-suited for applications that do not require expensive, high accuracy measuring instruments, and its compact size fits into limited spaces. The LX2-V controller has a large, built-in, two-color digital display with 11-mm high characters. Also included are upper and lower limit adjustments/outputs and a bar-graph light-level indicator. Four sensor beam widths range from 1 to 30 mm, and an auto-scaling feature can be set up to display measurements in units such as percentage, voltage, mm, or inch. Applications include presence/absence detection of targets, even if the passing position of the target fluctuates.


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