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Precision DMM Opens Eyes With 14 Special Measurement And Display Features

Oh no, not another pair of precision digital multimeters (DMMs)! But the Fluke 8845A and 8846A offer a mix of capabilities and functions that will make you take notice and re-evaluate your need for a newer bench meter.

These tools provide high-class 6.5-digit resolution with 0.0024% basic V dc accuracy. They also have exceptionally wide ranges, such as 100 mV to 1000 V with 100-nV resolution, 10Ω to 1 GΩ with 10-μΩ resolution, and 100 μA to 10 A with 100-pA resolution.

But these meters do more than measure volts, ohms and amps. They also measure capacitance for 1 nF to 50 mF with 1-pF resolution as well as temperature with an RTD from –200°C to 600°C with a 0.001° resolution. They provide frequency and period measurements from 3 Hz to 1 MHz. And, the 8845A and 8846A meters calculate Zero, dB, dBm, Min/Max/Avg, and standard deviation.

The dual display shows two different parameters of the same signal in numeric and graphic format. The TrendPlot feature displays plots of measurements over time and lets users see drift, glitches, surges, and dropouts more easily. Users can display the statistical calculation such as standard deviation with histograms as well.

The meters’ four-wire measurement capability of very low ohms tests (

The primary difference between the 8845A and 8846A is that the 8846A has a wider range of measurement capability, better accuracy, and a USB drive port for storing measurement data. Both meters feature RS232, IEEE 488.2, Ethernet, and USB ports. The 8845A costs $995, and the 8846A is $1395.

Fluke Corp.

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