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Presentation Layer Tool Supports Java Applications

A comprehensive framework of presentation layer components, JSuite 7.0, includes all a designer needs to build visually superior front-end interfaces for any Java application. All of the required elements are included. Applet wrappers let designers manipulate the appearance and/or data associated with each component using JavaScript or VBScript. The Explorer user interface lets users drill down through hierarchical data structures to display corresponding tables or custom Java panels in the right-hand pane. Additional utilities include features for tables, trees, charting, Gantt representations, calendaring, graphical data input components, and convenient utility components. The JSuite Enterprise Edition, which includes one year's updates and upgrades, any new products added to the Suite during that year, and the source code, costs $1495. Without source code, it costs $995. JSuite alone is $795.

Infragistics Inc.
www.infragistics.com; (800) 231-8588

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