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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Won’t Obscure Displays

The firm’s ARclear optically clear pressure-sensitive adhesive is intended primarily for use in the assembly of touchscreens and flat-panel displays. In these applications, a number of component surfaces must be bonded in a secure manner without compromising display resolution and functionality.The ARclear adhesives are said to offer defect-free performance without need for curing as with liquid adhesives. They’re available in either transfer adhesive or custom-coated film formats. Applications include attachment of: polarizers laminated on the top and bottom of the LCD; light and color filters for color compensating or contrast enhancement; reflective materials to capture and return existing light on non-backlighted displays; and surface-treatment films such as hardcoats and anti-reflective, anti-glare and anti-static films. The adhesives are of minimal thickness (25 mils) with >95% transmission values.


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