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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives For Mobile Phone Handsets

A trio of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) films are designed for use in lens gasket, speaker, microphone and battery pack assemblies for mobile phone handsets. The Arclad 8314 and Arclad 8901 are both 8-mil nominal double-sided, high-tack acrylic pressure-sensitive bonding tapes that provide bond strength to foams, rubbers and low surface energy materials. Arclad 8314 is supported by a clear polyester carrier film, making it suitable for immediate, destructible bonds, as well as nameplate and most mounting applications. Arclad 8901 is supported by a black polyester carrier film, making it suitable for dark nameplate and cellular display applications. Arclad 7992 is a 5-mil double-sided acrylic PSA supported by a polyester film that adheres to clean surfaces, has aging stability, and conforms easily to curved surfaces. It is also weather resistant. ADHESIVES RESEARCH INC., Glen Rock, PA. (800) 445-6240.


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