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Probe Combines With Analyzer To Test Direct Rambus Devices

When used with an HP logic analyzers, FS2222 Direct Rambus Analysis Probe makes the HP instrument an analyzer for debugging, testing and verifying compliance of Direct Rambus-based systems. The FS2222 probe serves as an electrical and mechanical interface from the Direct Rambus RIMM connector to the HP logic analyzers for passive bus analysis. It uses software to set up the analyzer and allows powerful state analysis in real-time of Direct Rambus transactions. The probe is capable of latching the Direct Rambus Channel signals at 800 MHz. It operates in the synchronous state analysis mode where the master clock is a buffered version of the Direct Rambus clock. The Direct Rambus parallel data is then clocked into the logic analyzer via the FS2222. This allows easy triggering and performance monitoring of the Direct Rambus bus. The probe includes a powerful inverse assembler that displays Rambus transactions as they are executed.


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