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Probing, Hosting Add Depth To Logic-Analyzer Capabilities

Three technological advances from Agilent Technologies bring logic analyzers to a new plateau of functionality: modular logic analyzers with hosted capabilities; connector-less probes that are claimed to be the industry's smallest; and an FPGA dynamic probe application.

The 16900 series multithreading architecture takes full advantage of gigabit-per-second local-area networks (LANs) as well as the latest microprocessor and large-memory technologies to achieve extremely high performance levels. They all feature 4-GHz timing (250-ps sampling) with state measurements. The 68-channel 16950A offers 600-MHz state speed, while the 102-channel 16910A and 68-channel 16911A have 450-MHz state speeds.

The series includes the six-slot modular 16900A, the six-slot 16902A module with an integrated touch display, the three-slot modular 16903A with an integrated touch display, the 102-channel 4-GHz module with 450-MHz state acquisition, the 68-channel 16911A 4-GHz module with 450-MHz state acquisition, and the 68-channel 16950A 4-GHz module with 600-MHz state acquisition. They all feature hosted-mode capabilities and can operate in standalone or multiframe configurations.

The E5396A/98A single-ended connectorless 17-channel Soft Touch logic probes feature a footprint of just 7 by 22 mm. The E5396A/98A are compatible with all Agilent logic analyzers that use a 40-pin/90-pin connector interface.

FPGA debug is where the B4655A dynamic probe logic-analysis application steps in. It features up to 64 internal probe points, a 2× data-compression option, state and timing analysis, and automatic mapping of internal signal names from FPGA design tools to the analyzer setup.

The 16900A/902A/903A modules cost $15,000/$16,500/$12,000. The 16910A/911A/950A modules go for $12,000/$9000/$18,500. The E5396A/98A Soft Touch probes are priced at $19,000. Availability for these is some time next month. The B4655A FPGA probe can be ordered now at a special introductory price of $995 through December 2004. It will be available in July.

Agilent Technologies
(800) 452-4844, ext. 7877 (modules);
ext. 7875 (Soft Touch probes);
ext. 7876 (FPGA probe)

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