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Processor Revs Up Design Of Next-Generation DVD Players

A new DVD processor is expected to speed up the design of next-generation, Internet-enabled DVD player. Dubbed the Crystal CS98000 (98K), the device provides both the audio and video core processors needed for the DVD player market. Processing functions include MP-3 decoding, Dolby Digital, DTS output support, virtual 3-D, and multi-region on-screen display (OSD) with vertical flicker filter. With a customer-programmable RISC core and 32-bit programmable audio DSP, the 98K can support all CD formats, DVD navigation, disk control, video decoding, and up to an eight-channel output.
For system level support, proprietary base software (available through an associated API) allows users to run the core DVD control functions on one RISC processor, while also allowing them to incorporate their own custom code on the second, programmable processor. Another key feature of the chip is its digital video input, which opens new classes of applications, such as support for picture-in-picture (PiP) or full screen display of external video sources. This is particularly relevant to designers of digital cable or satellite set-top boxes who are expected to include integrated DVD players as part of their offerings. The Crystal 98K processor is priced at $20 each/10,000.

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